Detroit CYDI - All The Jazz

by Detroit CYDI

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Detroit CYDI enjoys making fun of Kanye West. That's pretty much it.
By the way, help us get a spot on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour if you can by voting at the link.


released March 15, 2011

Lyrics by Detroit CYDI. Production by ILLingsworth.



all rights reserved


Detroit CYDI Detroit, Michigan

Detroit CYDI (CYDI = Can You Dig It?) is a trio of emcees formed by Sean Uppercut, Rufio Jones, and Illingsworth. They can be found impressing audiences at venues throughout the midwest. They’ve also been working on various collaborations while perfecting their unique DIY music video style. Not only do they eagerly anticipate what the future holds, they are providing what the future needs. ... more

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Track Name: Detroit CYDI - All The Jazz
Rufio Jones:

Greetings, Earthlings
Took a break
From internet surfing
Back to the rappin
Fire off punchlines like they
Came from a gatling gun
I am so distracting like
Sun in your eyes
When you drive in the morning
Of course I am that
Up your life when I write
And I'm nice with the mic
This you know as a fact
Look, I am not your average
Monkey on the porch
Make fabulous a habit
Fans of all sorts
Got plans of advancement
With my cohorts
They won't touch my junk
At Metro Airport
Yeah, Like Luke
I will take what I want
By force
Any course or action is taken
You constantly faking the funk
On that I will pass...



The punch pack a helluva-elephant-gun wallop
sniffin' dust out a metal vial, mackin' on a trollop
Stackin' all the dollars higher than Eiffel Towers
Colder than icy showers, Bolder (Boulder) than rolling rocks
after Jones, Indiana, Bama
ankle-breaker shake 'em then hammer
toss your shitty pampers in the hamper
manners now, be mindful
man, you're smaller than a pocket-sized bible on Fievel
survival is low, the sniper is cocked
like it or not, I strike in a spot
and take your worthless life in one shot
a small parcel of punishment
this arsenal's gunnerships
my carnival covenant is
inarguably ultimate
the line before was inscribed in The Mighty Thor's
hammer then slammed in your unsightly jaw
In the lab, choppin' rock riffs on the slab
so keep it to yourself...


Sean Uppercut:

Was on a passenger plane straight ran out the back
Raw canine, no jetpack, land with a splat
the cannibal vandal is back with a canivandibal rap
Animals mandibles clap, hand me my stack
I'm Startled again this Bartles and Jaymes, is callin my name, hit the bottle hard, and don't fall like carnival games
Go to the bar, rack up a credit card charge, real large when it's time to pay up, I swap out the face
No one is solvin' the case, you lost in the race
I go hard till my name be revolving in space
I go yard till the ball can't be followed or traced
I Pull cards till palms hit the bottoms of decks (yes!!!)
My aim is superb, reminiscent how I do words
Cause I use one stone per two birds
Then kill it, then off to the spot for fish fillets,
Special request, fried in new dish skillets
For surely, get thrown into ob-scurity
And ever never get it back like soc security
Pointin out the fact that I'm dope lyrically, is obvious
Like Mr. T's love of gold jewelry
soon to be, spooning with a cutie in a boobie t,
Who be truthfully, enthused with what I'm doing musically
Starring in the movie All Dat Azz
Playing Ukulele...