Detroit CYDI & Stryfe - Ringtone Rap

by Detroit CYDI & Stryfe

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Rufio Jones says: You know how my cronies and I like to just do things? Well, Detroit CYDI and Stryfe cooked up some goodness for you in secret. It’s called Ringtone Rap. It’s where we rap over nothing more than the default tunes on various cell phones. We wrote and recorded all the songs for #RingtoneRap in about 12 hours. The next day we took shots for the cover (using an iPad and an iPhone) and recorded the video (sorry Apple, we did that with a minoHD) called AT&T (because it’s the AT&T default ring). We hope you like it!

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released July 30, 2011

Produced by a bunch of cellphone companies who are probably gearing up to sue us. Executive produced by Rufio Jones



all rights reserved


Detroit CYDI Detroit, Michigan

Detroit CYDI (CYDI = Can You Dig It?) is a trio of emcees formed by Sean Uppercut, Rufio Jones, and Illingsworth. They can be found impressing audiences at venues throughout the midwest. They’ve also been working on various collaborations while perfecting their unique DIY music video style. Not only do they eagerly anticipate what the future holds, they are providing what the future needs. ... more

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Track Name: MetroPCS (Intro)
Rufio Jones:

What's up
My nig?
I'm comin out of left field
You dig
Detroit Steel
That you can't feel
You are dumb
You are so dumb
For real

Sean Uppercut:

Verizon, AT&T and t-mobile
Metro, pcs just to phone you
Then i ask for first name Oliver
Last name Clothesoff. I am prank callin ya


Good morning
Detroit CYDI, boring?
of course you've been snoring
we'll force into your dreaming, scoring
over your teams

Stryfe (You never would have guessed, right?):

Stryfe, Stryfe, Stryfe, Stryfe
Hola, Bonjour, Bon Giorno, Konni-
Chiwa, Ni Hou, Jambo, Salam,
Sholem, Hellooo, Guten Tag
Track Name: AT&T (We Are Hot)
Oh my
God, we are hot
And you cannot tell us
We're not
We've been through the ups
We've been through the downs
Now we won't let go of the
Top spot

Rufio Jones:

My name is Ruf
And, no, I have
Nothing to prove
But take it from me
I am the man
You mother and sister
And girlfriend are fans
And it's cool cause
They always come back
To you, cuz
After the shows
That's how you know
That what you four have
Is a true love



Praise the Lord above
for all short skirted girls
they're snorting scores of drugs
and bringing more to gore and plug on floors
of plush hotels
don't tell
nobody has to know
we'll laugh and smash items
and rock the walls 'til cops are called
they've locked the hall, a great escape
they've dropped the ball
Where are the pills? You've popped them all
I'll back away, you're not my friend
I've go to go, but not to jail, you're lost
how hard we faaaaaaaaaaall


Money over bitches,
My wallet's misogynistic,
It won't fit in my britches,
Women, yes, I meant it.
Get in my car,
Put your phone on silent.
Don't do this on the first date? Purchase declined,
I'm not buying it...


Sean Uppercut:

Hold up real quick I think this is my phone
(Oh wait, bill collectors)
Pick up and tell them that I am not home
(No...I just don't want to pay them)
Now here I am being called by my.....jooobbbbbbbb
(those stuffy bastards)
Tell them I quit, and suck on my...knnnnnnob
(fuck you fuck you, you're cool)
Call up my homie, bring over the boooooze
(colt 45. Does it every time)
Two beers for me and one beer for youuuu

Phone blowin up I think it's some sluuuts
But theyre annoying me please shut the fuuuuuuuuck
Track Name: Nokia (Girls Should Dance)
(We in the club, finna dance,
Hey ladies, here's your chance) <---This repeats nearly through the entire track. Fun fact...HE DID IT LIVE, FOR LIKE THREE MINUTES. AND those aren't hand claps... THEY'RE MOUTH CLICKS!

Sean Uppercut:
Chilling in the club. Diamonds on my fangers
Hoes on my dick cause I'm wearin on some wranglers
Bentley outside, but the windows kinda broken
Gotta use the pliers just to get the door open
Girls really love me cause I got an education
Got a stack of ones made it rain at graduation
Girls on my jock cause I once went on vacation
told her gettin money is my only occupation

Rufio Jones: (BRIDGE)

You hot as hell
Let me cool you down
What you sippin' on
Light or brown?
You pretty girl
and I'm handsome
We should be going through
These Magnums like phantoms


Hey ladies, here's your chance,
To dance, and shake,
Them hips, THAT BUTT!!
Let's see, whatcha got.
I like, keep going,
That waist, keep throwing,
Gyrations, libations,
Exchanging, relations.
In the club, I see you!
Shaking, for the people.
She's stripping, for the ones,
Them buns,
That pole, she's sliding,
Nature, it's rising.
Not done, not yet,
Track Name: Blackberry (PURE)

I'm pure like a Michigan ad,
All these other niggas tired like the Michelin Man,
Repeat, gathered double the moss, pounds like I doubled the cross,
Cuts sicker than a syphilis slash,
Focused as an Aderall, split a couple like divorce,
Bounce through courts like a basketball.
When it's beef I leave a mark like a cattle prod,
Pommel a horse like a gymnast, knock the saddle off,
Fists relentless, ridiculous,
Niggas get the tax like push pins,
Train for a day, leave your shit pushed in,
Move peace to the side, let the rooks in,
Big fish, the allure makes the hook bend.
Puts in better regimes,
Your pen wouldn't get you cash at an automated teller machine,
While your chick put her face to my balls, you appalled.
I get busy like 2 simultaneous calls...

Pure! (repeated)


Pick up the phone, pick up the phone bitch
Pick up the phone
I don't wanna watch it, give up the throne
if you get up, I'm on
I'll spit up a poem
that'll stiff Uppercut
nigga, pause, no Sean
but, it'll rip up your bones
fix up your lean and twist up your soul, bitch
mix up the drinks and give up the hole
I want the gold, I want the gold
she wants my joystick, I want control
you cannot avoid it, no unemployment package
if I destroyed it, trash it
then I ignored it, passed it
but when I enjoyed it, I splashed it
get up, I'm gone
left her with a six pack of Molson Ice
then I rolled the dice, I'm hitting trips like UGH

Rufio Jones:

If you're alive
Let's go for a ride
Although I'm not
Drunk when I drive
I always shuck
When I jive
That's alright,
And when I
Covet your wife
I yell out
Here comes the bride
I'm that guy
Like Gordon
Treat me like you think
I'm important
This is a sport
And I'm your...
Most dreaded opponent
I'm your luck
When your mirror
Is broken
You should speak
Only when spoken
And use my thoughts
As food
You must be smokin'
Cause my punches are potent
Try me if you think
That I'm jokin'

Sean Uppercut:

And I'm winnin with skills
Juiced up like i just took a limitless pill
Ran through a Bookstore hijacked facts
Stole a rack of stacks, Pennin this still,
Scene of the crime with weed in the ride
Caught red handed? Innocent still
Took another hit of this, limitless
Absorbed the wisdom, of Ancient Rome and kemetans learned
Learned Japanese, Portugese
In thirteen weeks earned four degrees
sailed all the seas, then fought a loch ness
Gave donald trump some effective stock tips
Made some enemies, just to defeat them
Bred new animals, just to eat them
sorry people, this call is done
Cause I got the president on hold
Line one (What you want, nigga?)
Track Name: Verizon (Crack & Coke)
We named a bunch of chemicals. Sing along.
Track Name: T-Mobile (Cotton) BONUS
Underrated actors
overrated rappers
that's my appraisal of your stature

Dudes wanna politic and puff up chests, sound stuck up at best, and won't scuff up flesh

and I bet it's no line you won't jump across
for the promise of a coupe and them buttersoft leathers

you would even double cross your mother off
I'm crediting your lack of intelligence to why you don't get it, quit it

You can be a janitor or snapping photographs with a camera in Canada or a pan handler

dancing for a sandwich or a Fanta
why do yall wanna be rappers? Answer

(then some sing songy stuff, and an interpretation of the song "Pick a Bale of Cotton")