Do Your Job

by Detroit CYDI

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Please do your job and share this video. We meant that in the nicest way possible :).

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released October 5, 2012

Lyrics by Rufio Jones, Sean Uppercut, & Doc ILLingsworth. Produced by Doc ILLingsworth



all rights reserved


Detroit CYDI Detroit, Michigan

Detroit CYDI (CYDI = Can You Dig It?) is a trio of emcees formed by Sean Uppercut, Rufio Jones, and Illingsworth. They can be found impressing audiences at venues throughout the midwest. They’ve also been working on various collaborations while perfecting their unique DIY music video style. Not only do they eagerly anticipate what the future holds, they are providing what the future needs. ... more

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Track Name: Do Your Job (DIRTY)
Rufio Jones:

Shout out to my
Engineer Rick
Me and my niggas goin
Red #40 in this bitch
Yeah, get hype
We ain't got time
For relaxin
Lookin at my Rollie
Bout time for some action
Worked all week
Decompression sounds sweet
Now I'm dressed all chic
Bout time for distractions
We blowin up the stage
Like the Predator
We got all the pretty girls
Ears like a festival

Sean Uppercut:

Professional, exceptional, otherwise respectable
Aint nothin else that could rhyme with respectable
Sike naw, I found vocab's plentiful
Why I been the best to do mesmerizing spectacles
Magic I conceive, they still can't believe
A fifty foot pimp, tricks up my sleeve
And everything I breathe's at least best threes y'all
pet peeves like pets peeing on fresh things

I don't wanna tell you how to do your job
But, watch us and we'll show you how to move a crowd

Doc ILLingsworth:

hundred yard stare, victory never escaping us
so here, take the blunt, oh wait holmes, it's angle dust

niggas raining bucks so that some stanky hoes can rake it up
and now them hoes fighting and the bouncer ain't go break it up

funny with the money call him mummy 'cause he paper'd up
twenty, twenty, twenty, now she tonguing on a labia

vodka nigga, drank it up
sock a nigga, thanks to us
coppers enter, taze you up
then drop you in a safety bus

Rufio Jones:

(It's too crunk)
Our parties get shut down
On the regular
The fire marshall
Has been called
To the vestibule
Noise pollute
We got this bitch
Packed out
Motherfuckas fin'ly gotta
Chance now
To act out
So act wild
Sweat your hair out
Pull them tracks out
If you had the opportunity
And backed out…
Bet you mad now
And how
God damn clown
Man wow
These girls they got they shirts north
And they skirts south


Sean Uppercut:

I stroll in jauntily, business suit and
Sanford and son theme as my entrance music
fireworks goin off, but they broken
Had to put out the flames so my jacket smokin
Hahaaaa, You in the dancerie, and had to glance a fee
But I'm an nerd got this lap dance for free
On dark knights I hang fools upside down
Rappin in a deep voice like "answer me answer me

Doc ILLingsworth:

drop em, from 2nd story
white em out, write em out
time em out, it's like they fighting the mic

so I gotta bring the Tyson out
the Michael Eric Dyson out

Happy Birthday
here's a cake, but there's ricin
in the icing now

he's sliding to the floor
and all the light inside his eyes be out
his chick straight 6 she tried to dime me out

this hole's too deep, no climbing out
no Folger's, we grind it out
lemme get crispy chicken wrap and sea salt fries
we out

Chorus x 2