Raps To Riches

by Detroit CYDI

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The Story:
So, this one time at the studio, Rufio Jones couldn't make it. Rufio Jones not making it is actually a rare occurrence. Regardless, this was made.


Sean Uppercut:
Raps to riches, raps to riches
I used to eat hot sauce sand-the-wiches

Sittin in a shack makin random wishes
Now I'm part owner of the Mavs and pistons

ask the women, they tell you fast
When I was spittin bars, they ain't tell me naan

Now when I rap they tell me that
They wanna give me that tail, and I tell them ehhhh

raps to riches raps riches
start a new program
snacks for snitches

cyanide pills in elaborate dishes
we making cash appear like math magicians

then it disappears, cuz who up and got an ear to
interfere, lookie here at these tacky pigeons

to survive out here we make fast decisions
no pass for simpin', just classic pimpin

Sean Uppercut:
I use the raps and this scheme to fuel dreams
Plug in the mic as to power the machine

Push it to full steam like irons on beam
Till it Then makes green like pools thats unclean

Wait what you mean, say you need a verse?
I'm tryna make bread, gotta see the dough first
I'll do it for de free, I usu-ally charge
93,000 for sixteen bars

93,000 for sixteen bars, 93,000 for sixteen bars


raps to riches , raps to riches
done so much bad that I'm past forgiveness

here's a bit of game to get back to business:
pull up your bootstraps, grab your britches

they wack and um
they lack the umph
to outlast, triumph, and snatch the ribbons

you win, you lose, but that's the difference
when life gives you lemonade don't ask for lemons


released April 26, 2013
Raps by Sean Uppercut & Doc ILLingsworth.
Production by Doc ILLingsworth



all rights reserved


Detroit CYDI Detroit, Michigan

Detroit CYDI (CYDI = Can You Dig It?) is a trio of emcees formed by Sean Uppercut, Rufio Jones, and Illingsworth. They can be found impressing audiences at venues throughout the midwest. They’ve also been working on various collaborations while perfecting their unique DIY music video style. Not only do they eagerly anticipate what the future holds, they are providing what the future needs. ... more

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