Detroit CYDI - Snooze Bar

by Detroit CYDI

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Rufio Jones:

When I hit it
I can see her light shine
My eyes squintin'
I was havin such a nice time
Thought I'd get a chance
To lay my head
10 minutes later
And we at it again
She was screamin in my ear
At 3:21
I'm up, I'm up
Turn and toss
Toss and turn
Nocturnal emissions
Of no concernin
She don't care
I got on this ol' bum shirt
She hopes I stay warm
For the commm....fort
So it's back
Under the covers
I must be dreamin
What have I discovered
Got a little forceful
Hit a new button
Not sure what I did
But it had to be somethin
Parts started shakin
Then everything stopped
Must've hit it too hard
I think this thing just busted

I go to sleep, wake up, then I hit it again x 3
then I hit it again, then I hit it again

Doc ILLingsworth:

I hit her on top, then she quiet for a minute
I'm anticipating her return, I'm excited
She don't make a peep when I'm barely up in it
But when I got deep, man, she's something like a siren
Tender little moments, you could say, last forever
Until she get annoyed that I pay her no attention
But if she only knew that I was waiting for her call
But I hate when it comes, then she'd know the kid listens
You see, she gotta power over me I can't explain and
When she makes her presence felt, I can't help but focus
The way she operates is really pushing us apart but she
Does her own thing, I don't even think she notices
I might turn a deaf ear, act like I ain't hearing her
peering out he corner of my eye, I'm deceiving her
But if she only knew, if she only knew that
Every time I hit it, I'm coming closer to leaving her

I go to sleep, wake up, then I hit it again x 3
then I hit it again, then I hit it again

Sean Uppercut:

I never in my long legged life
met a woman with a combination like
what you bring,
and true
we ain't compatible in that many ways
but see, them other girls just cain't get it right
cause you
and I get it like the world finna finish an
it's all up-to-us repopulate it
so many places, o, many faces
controllin the paces, and spaces, creative
imagination, smashin at your graduation
lift that gown, flip the tassel to the right
win-win situation full benefits package
without all the hassle in your life
we can do it in the club, or the bar,
it in a plane, in a car, anywhere, on air, sea, or land
in a house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox
i'll even wake up and make you green eggs and ham

I go to sleep, wake up, then I hit it again x 3
then I hit it again, then I hit it again


released November 24, 2011
Lyrics by Detroit CYDI (Rufio Jones, Sean Uppercut, Doc ILLingsworth)
Produced by Doc ILLingsworth



all rights reserved


Detroit CYDI Detroit, Michigan

Detroit CYDI (CYDI = Can You Dig It?) is a trio of emcees formed by Sean Uppercut, Rufio Jones, and Illingsworth. They can be found impressing audiences at venues throughout the midwest. They’ve also been working on various collaborations while perfecting their unique DIY music video style. Not only do they eagerly anticipate what the future holds, they are providing what the future needs. ... more

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